For over 30 years Stone Island has dominated the intersection between performance and fashion. In the course of these three decades the brand has developed more than 40,000 different garments under its design philosophy, based on innovation and constant experimentation.

Its history begins with Massimo Osti and the discovery of the Tella Stella: a material with a different color on each side that was used to make truck tarpaulins. The Tella Stela was so interesting that Osti decided to use it to create a collection of seven jackets with a strong military inspiration. The collection based on this high-strength, two-tone, reversible fabric was so successful that it was sold out in ten days.

A year later Carlo Rivetti discovered the company and joined in. The concerns of both designers led them to develop exclusive techniques to create high-performance men's garments, using materials that did not belong to the world of conventional fashion.

Massimo Osti (1944 – 2005) and Carlo Rivetti, current director of Stone Island

In the mid 90's Massimo Osti would leave Stone Island and a year later the English designer Paul Harvey would start working for the brand, developing 24 complete collections. Without ever abandoning the importance of functionality and innovation, Stone Island would be consolidated in the 21st century as one of the leading brands of high-performance menswear.

Today Carlo Rivetti leads Stone Island together with a design team integrated by people with different ages and cultural backgrounds, following the ethos of a brand with a passion for exploration and constant learning.

Fashion editorial from ARENA HOMME+ with Stone Island pieces from 1990

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